About  Us

Why is Fresca the brand you can trust?

The change

Fresca started out of… frustration. Frustration that most of the sellers of water purification systems are only salesmen and have very little actual knowledge about water purification. Being water treatment professionals ourselves and having completed many projects in South America and China, when we started looking for water purifier for our new home, we were bombarded by all sales pitches and false information coming every direction. While we know what’s true and what’s not, we realized it must be quite difficult for an average consumer not to fall for these tricks and actually choose the best quality systems for the price.

Our conclusion was that Malaysian market is saturated with either highly overpriced systems from known brands or cheap, yet inadequate (in other words trash) systems from local and Chinese sellers (not professionals, but sellers).

We would want to change that. Fresca’s goal is to offer highest quality systems and components at lowest possible prices and explain everything about water products, so that you don’t become a prey to a salesman’s pitch, but are rather able to make an educated choice of water treatment system. In other words, Fresca’s goal is to become the brand you can trust when it comes to water purification.

Not just another  shop

But Fresca isn’t just another online filter store. We design and assemble our own systems, based on our knowledge. These systems are made from highest quality components manufactured in USA, UK, European Union and Taiwan.

Fresca is also able to supply components for industrial water purification systems, such as RO membranes, housings, fittings etc.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You