Fresca Lite Replacement Cartridge Set (all 3 stages)


  • 3 Stages cartridges for Fresca Lite filter
  • NSF certified
  • Made in USA
  • Top quality, original cartridges


Fresca Lite is among the few filters that can get rid of bacteria and is among very and very few non RO systems that can filter out viruses.

This is a set of replacement cartridges, all 3 stages.

Stage 1 is pleated polyester sediment filter at 5 micron nominal. This stage is there to mainly protect the next 2 stages of any sediment. It will cut off anything above 5 micron: dirt, dust, rust, stones, sand etc etc.

Stage 2 is a heavily modified coconut shell carbon block, does all the heavy lifting: lead, mercury, VOCs, chlorine, taste and odor etc.

Stage 3 is truly disruptive technology from California, USA. It is Quantum Disinfection media – kills viruses and bacteria on contact. Does not introduce chemicals into the water, does not require electrical power. The media uses quantum mechanic principles of electron movement to create surface catalytic sites, bacteria are instantly destroyed through a catalytic electron exchange. This is the first time such a technology has been used to disinfect water.


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