What’s in your water?

Purification systems and filters for families and industries

Making a choice?

With such a variety of water purification systems and marketing information available, it seems hard to make the right choice of the filter. However, it always comes to 3 easy steps. Follow them, ignore sales pitches and you will never be confused.

Know what's in your water

Understand what kind of impurities and contaminants are present or may be present in your tap water. At this point, also ignore all marketing gimmicks, such as alkaline water, life water, charged water etc.

Decide what you want to remove

Making 100% pure water is practically impossible. Some filters only remove sediment (sand, rust etc), taste and odor and lead. Some are also able to filter out bacteria and various heavy metals. Reverse osmosis systems are able to remove most of impurities.

Our articles will help you decide without any sales pressure

Choose the filter

Now knowing all the above, determine your budget and choose a filter. We do our best to be able to cater to any budget without discrimination. We offer various brands, but our Fresca branded systems are usually the best value for money in every price range.

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